Comprehensive services from start to finish. After architectural drawings are done, permits obtained and contractors hired, this is the perfect time to bring on Palmer Collective. Palmer Collective is a company that will bridge the gaps between all parties involved in the project. If there is a gap needed to be filled by a professional, we will call on our large pool of specialists.

broad Concept

We have broadened the concept of interior design. We offer comprehensives services for the homeowner and the builder. 
Our technology and team of experts on-call has allowed us to offer more than just standard interior design. 


Many times contractors find themselves held up or at a standstill because communication can be slow between the contractor, interior designer and homeowner. Our extensive experience and computer software will keep the project from coming to a standstill because communication will be well coordinated by our company. Our new software will make this communication instantenous. 


Are you ready to transform your exisiting or new home?


We are here to provide the services necessary to completely transform your home. Choose a style you would like your home to be and we will help you through the process of making your home a unique masterpiece. 


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Are you a designer, contractor or builder?


Do you need help on your current project?
We are a full-service team that can help you by creating your plans,
or designing your project.